Online Stores

offers customized solutions for online stores. With a content management system safe and efficient, you can easily administer this shop without the need of experience working with computer.
We also consider the design of the store to be more attractive, thereby increasing business presence on the web.
We also advise in both choosing a payment gateway and in terms of optimizing the site.
Some standard features that e-commerce solution offers:
Categories and Products
Physical goods
A product can be placed in multiple categoriesOnline Promotions, Pricing and Discounts
Individual special prices
Sales hips
Sale prices per category
Discounts on groups of customers
Depending on quantity discounts
Minimum and maximum product sales
Different price for the same product depending on the characteristics (color, size, etc.)Facilities
Support for multiple currencies
Multiple payment methodsCustomer loyalty tools
Periodic newsletter in plain text or HTML
Email for order status and customer account records
Potential users of the product recommendationManagement Tools
Possibility choice product details page
Add, delete, move, copy products
Create and manage product features
Management reviews products, promotional products, special sales
Price controls and taxes

    Web content management tools
To start immediately or request more details: contact us
tel 0762263917
E-commerce services can be very varied. To install and setup an online store may at basic prices start at $ 500.

 if you need optional packages for you and fits your bid please contact did not talk.


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