Astrological predictions for the year 2013

This year will be very dynamic in all areas. Aspects Uranus and Jupiter in your sign will instigate collaboration with the life in the direction of more exchanges with your entourage, your role is strengthened to them. You will not fail to feel good yourself. Planetary authorities broadly dust will burn your relational life. Indeed, you will be spared, you will less frequently than normal moments of solitude, and you have to fight to find the peace that you need regularly. Concessions will be essential to streamline your relationships, effort will have to win there than chiar.MUNCAYour ingenuity will be one of the best assets in the professional field this year. You will be able to determine with precision frightening your interlocutors needs and to make them coincide with your expectation. Trade negotiations are favored, and even I must proceed in successive steps, you can achieve your goal perfectly, although apparently let ballast to your interlocutors. Simple facts, facts, evidence will be the linchpin of your success in these discussions. This is the „balance that d ‘d more practice you will be able to leave delicate situations. If you are in employment research d’ or a job in the investigation, you have a sense of undeniable of smell, particularly during the first 4 months of 2013. It is the best time to prove Audacity d „and especially to trust instinct tău.DRAGOSTEThe tone of your love life will be alleviated in early. Wondering much, and answers are not simple this year. Single or couple already, you will meet circumstances which will allow you to strengthen existing links or create new ones very favorable long-term, provided that they are ready to take the patient to the evolution of your partner. Attractiveness is clearly growing, will have no difficulty in allure, to convince, gains expression and impact your emotions is … A second choice would be especially reluctant to leave your reserve, and accept invitations and festivities that will fail to rise! The festival will be linked to love, meetings are favored in light environments, the end. It is a climate that supports reconciliation, and that will be perfect for minimizing differences between you and your partner. You need to test you on your aspirations center and have the heart to disclose in your way of being in an absolute way. You go beyond simple appearances and you seek the company of those who are truly sincere, to fully benefit from the good things of life, passion. You could be tender, attentive and diplomat while being more authentic than ever. Relationships with children are favored this year, family and loves to armonizate.SFATURIYou try to put more order in your administrative business and your accounts, to cleanse certain things. You are armed to do a spring cleaning your life, past and current schedule radical bands … You feel in you a pressing need to go to the front, and still faster than these recent years. Such a wind of revolt is likely to cost you if you have problems there went to work in an order that is appropriate for your interests. Think twice before cutting links that may be useful and even more than that. Your eruptive sensitivity infantilizes somewhat your reactions …. Go back to enjoy your life before deciding irevocabile.VIATAYour health will go above all through your emotional life, more than ever this year. Indeed, your sensitivity still binds you more closely than usual with those you love and your general health will be closely linked „good” of your relationship. By putting all your heart into your bond will be easier curiously shaped pulses Uranus. will support certain allergies, especially due to pollution and broad, with everything related to metals combined with Jupiter Saturn aspect indicates a high probability of tooth or bone concern .. Be careful not to dead ends on dairy products, especially


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