"Miley Cyrus dances with strippers: Oldest pop star ever?"

 Miley Cyrus Reuters 660.JPG

Miley Cyrus turned more than a few heads as she performed in an S&M-style outfit, including a cropped cleavage-baring top, at a Christmas show on Saturday night. She

also wore tight black trousers that were linked to her neck by a chain, paired with thigh-high leopard-print boots, as she appeared alongside topless strippers at Israeli DJ Borgore’s “Christmas Creampies” show.

With previous controversies to her name, including pole dancing onstage, is Miley the wildest pop star out there? She has some tough competition. Rihanna barely goes a week without posting a half-naked picture on Twitter, while Lady Gaga is usually either naked or in her underwear during her videos and stage shows.

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Then there’s Katy Perry who got her segment banned from “Sesame Street” thanks to a revealing performance. And Christina Aguilera went as far as having a single called “Dirrty” and an album called “Stripped.”

And of course there are the veterans, Britney and Madonna, who regularly star in provocative videos and stage shows when they’re not too busy kissing each other.


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