"Turkey breast rolls with plum and quince"




1 piece of ~ 800 grams of turkey breast6 pitted prunes, cut in slices, and cut into small cubes quince1 tablespoon of mustard1-2 tablespoons of flour300 ml. chicken soup60-ml. red wine50-ml. extra virgin olive oil1 small onionsalt and pepper


Cut meat into 8 equal slices as possible, which is fighting for schnitzel hammer, salt and pepperBrush slices with mustard so prepared, and each sits plumAccordingly quince (I prepared 4 rolls with plum and quince 4)Fruits that remain will serve to prepare sauce.Tightly roll each piece of meat with fruits inside and fasten with toothpicksIn a pan, pour the hot 30-ml. oil. Give meat rolls with flour and brown quickly in hot oilAs they brown, remove rolls on a plate and keep warm covered.Finely chop the onion. In a saucepan heat the remaining oil. Provide quality onions and it becomes glassy add the remaining fruitOnion and cook 1-2 minutes the fruit together, stirring, then add the meat rolls and juice that left him and immediately goes hot soup. The adage and wineThe simmer, covered, about 40 minutes, adding hot water evaporated liquid. When the meat is soft (fork easily get it) is revealed pan and let it simmer on low boil until the sauce decreasesThe rolls are out of sauce and remove toothpicks, are kept warm, covered.Give the sauce through a sieve, then heats up again suits the taste of salt and pepper, possibly longer thin with a little hot water (or to taste sour cream).Serve rolls covered with sauce, with a side dish of your choice. I, for this feast to be very memorable, I accompanied with broad noodles with potatoes, which I did not little demultisor and which had made us miss and a plum sauce instead of salad.


Bucatarul viorel

I wish you good appetite


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