"Tricks and tips for parents with autistic children"

It is important to understand that without any therapy or intervention, a child with Autism will absorb far less information and less knowledge of the environment than a normal child. A normal child begins to speak between 1.5 and 2 years, with almost no help from parents or brothers / sisters. Learn around 6 new words a day and has a vocabulary of over 10,000 words before reaching the age of 6 years. A child with Autism can get to talk much later and have poor language and social skills reduced, if not receive verbal and behavioral therapy. At least in a first stage, the child must create a solid foundation of knowledge, that is to teach speech, language and age appropriate behavior. Can not emphasize too much that to have the best result, this work should begin as soon as possible.
Start working with your child. If you only suspect your son or daughter has Autism, you need to start working with him / her immediately. Do not waste vital time waiting for a formal diagnosis. I met a mother who waited six months before formal diagnosis to begin treatment. Imagine how many you could teach your child during this time. You will find yourself that most doctors know very little about Autism and will recommend to simply, a specialist in speech, a special school or a surgery center. The great evil that some doctors make it a parent is to destroy hope. You will learn much more about how to help your child from the parents of other children in similar conditions, than from any doctor. As you work with your child and see the results, you will soon notice that parents of children who have just been diagnosed come to you for advice. Begin now to work with your child, even if it means not only to try to communicate with him through games. This will never be wasted. Even if tests show no autism for your child, you have not lost anything. Trying to teach your child at the table may be difficult at first, the child may resist learning and is vital to insist and encouraged him greatly. There are many structured methods for teaching children with autism, such as ABA, TEACCH and Greenspan to name a few. Many parents adopt, often with success, their own strategies to learn their child at home.
Autism diagnosis Although this condition is critical, potentially devastating to be diagnosed early, children with autism are rarely diagnosed before the age of 3 or 4 years. No visible physical differences outside between a child with autism and one normal. The only differences are behavioral. A child with autism will exhibit at least some of the following:Reduced speech and poor language /Games inadequate, such child may continuously spin the wheels of a toy car rather than push /could align toys or other objects /Difficulty interacting with others /Reduced visual /Could go on peaks /To shake hands and /Tend to focus on concerns few and odd /Do not ask questions that other children /Failure to show other objects /Failure to orient when called by name /Failure to engage in mutually game /Failure to copy others’ movements /May not use their finger showing off when he wants to direct one’s attention /Would be able to resist social touch such as hugs.
Autism spectrum. A child with Autism may be anywhere on off „spectrum” of autism. At the upper end, a child may seem quite normal and may have only a few autistic traits. It could, for example, be a quiet kid in class, with few or no one, and Priene few strange habits. Could not be diagnosed as autistic until much later in life. At the lower end of the spectrum, a child could be described as less-functional speech and language may be defective and needs more intensive therapy. No matter where on the spectrum, there is a child, can and must be helped. Pervasive Developmental Disorder or PDD is actually an inaccurate name. Many doctors who would not like to take responsibility to make a diagnosis of Autism will tell the parents that their child has PDD. As a result, many parents feel that their child’s condition is not so serious, and some even think they could go.
Asperger’s disease Asperger’s disease, also called Asperger’s syndrome is a type of pervasive developmental disorder (PDD) as defined by the American Psychiatric Association. Asperger’s disease is similar to the top autism spectrum regarding how that affects the child manners and social characteristics. A difference between Autism and Asperger’s disease is that young children with Asperger’s often known normal language development, although rhythm, pitch and emphasis are irregular. Unlike Autism, Asperger’s disease not delay other aspects of development, a child typically has an independent interest in the outside world and age appropriate. However, asemanato autism, children with Asperger’s disease have social interaction, abnormal facial expressions and gestures. Asperger’s disease affects males 9 times more than women. Its cause is unknown. More research is needed to confirm whether Asperger’s disease is a genetic disorder related to autism.
Speech therapy. A common mistake is the assumption that speech therapy is a solution to Autism. Speech therapy is certainly its place in supporting and refining child speech, but it takes several hours per week of intensive work, face to face, to teach children cooperation, new concepts, words and behavior according to age. You will probably go to a speech therapist once or twice a week. It takes a lot more work to prepare children for school and to ensure that it will be successful in school, once he got there. More about schools later. Language is the key. Frustration of a child with Autism was at one time described as the feeling of being in a maze where the walls are made of glass, to try to communicate with someone outside and not be able to do it than hitting walls. There is no doubt that a great deal of frustration and outbursts of temper can be reduced or even avoided when communication and language are encouraged and developed. A normal child realizes early on that it is in his interest to develop language, while a child with Autism may not realize it. He needs to know that the language will bring results. In this regard, when your child asks something, give him that something immediately or at least respond immediately to their request. Ignore will not encourage in any way to talk.
Autism Treatment There are currently no biomedical treatment of Autism. Of all existing therapies, ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis – applied behavior analysis) has attracted the most attention. The first attempt by Dr. Ivar Lovaas at UCLA in the ’60s is a learning program that works systematically removing the „traits” Autism until the child no longer qualifies to be considered to have this condition. system is very intensive, but has proven to be extremely successful in almost all cases of Autism. ABA learning system divides any task into smaller tasks and puts great emphasis on rewarding children when working well. There is no physical punishment throughout the system. Therapy begins in a very rigid structure, but gradually takes the shape of a typical school environment. Those who know little or nothing about ABA may say it is too rigid or transform into a robot child with learning routine. This would seem to be true at first, but as the child learns to learn, progress to a point where their normal peers may accompany learning style. Most children who persevere with the program for two to three years can successfully channel their children to normlitate.
The results are testimony alone. The child usually begins school, attending classes with a tutor. Meditator comes increasingly less and integrates child in class.How many hours? A frequently asked question is how many hours of behavioral therapy needs child. There are many cases in which the child could take up to 40 hours per week, but of course depends on the severity of the child’s illness. The program usually starts with 15 to 20 hours per week and can be reached 30 hours a week or more. Once the child is in school, working hours will diminish his home until 10 or 15 a week. Quality is of course more important than quantity and energetic and dedicated therapists are vital to your child’s progress.
Work with your child. I suggest with all his strength to start working with your child, at least in the beginning, rather than leave it to a therapist. The child will trust you and will understand that tried to help him. Need infinite energy, be animated and you really like to teach your child. This is not easy and experts estimate that you will not be able to do this more than 10 to 12 hours a week. If both parents deal at a time, the task is, of course, much easier. Later, you can go to a therapist or two to help, because you will not be able to maintain a high level of energy for too long. When the initial work is done right by you, the advantage is that you’ll know if a therapist is good when you see it and be able to remove them from the discussion that have a lower value for your child.
Choosing a therapist Choosing a good therapist is not easy if you have not worked with your child even. Muti experienced parents will actually be able to train new therapists. The therapist can be any person with sufficient amount of energy, enthusiasm, patience and sincere love for children. Those under 18 are often too young and immature (some will actually be frightened!). Married women with children do not have enough time and energy and often do not like to be told how to act with a child, because I feel they are experts. A candidate told me he used to hit their children when not wearing well. There is no place for such people in your home. A good tip is to make a short list of those who feel it would be suitable and tell them there will be a few weeks training period, during which they will not be paid. Many of them will quit, because it require so much work and not suits everyone.
Special Schools Whilst there are many excellent schools nearby, unfortunately many are too small funds are safe too little and too poorly equipped to teach children with Autism. Many of them do very little in addition to a baby-sitting service. Usually there is not enough support face-to-face for the child and, worse than all, the child will take slightly inappropriate behavior of other children. I find it very sad that a child with autism can learn so much in these critical years.
Normal schools should be your aim to send your child to a regular school. Three years of labor-intensive, face-to-face, you can take the child home could very, very much on the road to normality. Once a child with Autism is successfully brought to normal, you’ve won half the battle. I say this because it would be wise to keep working with him at home. Strongly advise you to connect with teachers and tutors to solve any difficulties at school. You can use their observations to work with the child at home, thereby preventing his staying behind. It is a good idea to get in advance of school books and material to be covered, so that you can work with them at home, reading his evening them etc.. so its not completely new to him at school. It is advisable to keep him on his home therapists as tutors, because they will know much better than a tutor provided by the school. You need to discuss this with the school before you send your child to school. Once he started to go to school, you may need to start with a small number of hours, eg 2-3 hours per day, and gradually reach a whole day.
Unequal abilities a child with autism often have unequal abilities, for example can be very good in areas such as storing photos and words and reading at an early age, and very weak in areas such as social contact with his peers. You need to first identify its strengths. It is self-understood that you must use within these strengths. For example, if your child has high ability to read, explore it to the fullest. Many of these children have strong visual skills. Use photos to help stimulate language. If your child learn to read and write before going to school is one thing you should not worry and you will have more time to learn other skills you do not have. „My child can not talk! From where do I start?” A mother called me with this question. We need to learn step by step the child to speak. Before attempting speech, you can teach children to associate identical pictures, then different shots, for example to associate a red car with one other color. The next step is to learn to understand language, the child is asked a photo, for example, a cat, a horse, a house, etc.. When the child can reach reception or if the language already reached this stage is promising something that at least can understand what they say and this will ultimately lead to his ability to express themselves verbally. But do not feel too conforabil,’s vocabulary may be limited. You need to do all you can to ensure that his vocabulary is expanded as much as possible.
Learning with pictures „A picture is worth a thousand words” and using pictures is an excellent way of learning speech, language and communication. Children with autism are very visual and can be taught almost anything using images. Temple Grandin, the famous autistic author of many books, once said that thinking in pictures. Need thousand good shots to help generalize, ie when a child has only one picture of a white dog and is taught that he is a chain, will not be easy to recognize a German Shepherd or a Rottweiler as a dog when he sees. Also, the use of new materials and varied prevents boredom and frustration child. Minimize the number of stick images or drawings that you use. Color photos are the best, because the images are real, and the child it is much easier to relate to them. Not to say that you can never have too many pictures in your collection. Get them where you can – magazines, old books, web, printed catalogs, even spam. Print and on CD-ROM. Falling prices for computers and color printers has created a trend to buy postcards printed waiver, expensive, and preference for software like Flash! Pro2 CD-ROM that contains thousands of color photographic learning that can be printed from a personal computer to a color printer with a much lower price. You could pay up to a dollar for every view print while printing on the CD-ROM gets about 1 cent per photo. Another advantage of using CD-ROM is the huge number of photos in which you can select and print what you need at a time. No need to print all the photos immediately.
Modern printers color printers are cheaper than DOA were years ago, but can also print high quality photos on plain paper (copier) and do not require expensive paper. If you type these thousands of photographs to use as flashcards, not to print on special paper. It takes quality pictures that you can print on plain paper copier bina. If you already have a printer that needs special paper and want to print thousands of photos, it may be worth taking into consideration buying a new printer. The new inkjet printers produce high quality text and images in black and white or color. Many inkjet printers or bubblejet today can print photographic images and text similar to laser printers can be quite close to the quality of laser printers, more expensive. I personally use a Canon S520 although there may be other models of high quality but low prices in printing in draft mode. Try printing in draft mode. If the quality is almost as good as the best way may be worth printing in this mode, so that printing will not only faster, but also cheaper because they consume less ink .
Lamination Lamination will extend the life photos. If you roll a lot of photos, a good idea would be to buy first a good laminator. If you are going to insert more than one photo film laminator, insert photos with a space between them, so you can cut later. After passing the film through the laminator, cut through photos. Do not forget to round sharp corners that could easily injure someone. Laminating films they recommend are 120 microns or (more solid) 150 microns thick. A good idea is to insert 4 photos cut from a sheet of letter size (or A4). Films can be bought in packs of 100.
Using your own photos is always a great idea to include their photographs taken in the child, family, familiar places and occasions, school, grade, school friends etc.. to teach your child. Using an ordinary camera (with film) is good, but the performance of several hundred photographs is not only expensive but can not easily change the photo size, add labels on them or place them in other electronic documents that you might want to you create. Coming camera allows you to make an unlimited number of photos that you can download on your computer. Once the images have been downloaded, the camera is reset and you can make the next series of photos. A good thing in Flash! Pro2 CD-ROM is that you can also see, resize and print your own photos stored on the camera (jpg or bmp). You can also label them however you want – simply labeled picture such as „Sarah eats a pie 1.jpg” and the program will cut the numbers at the end to write the label „Sarah eats a pie” in the picture. Labels can be removed or put back with a single mouse click. Creating worksheets can also inluceti images on Flash! Pro2 CD-ROM in documents that use them as worksheets that you may want to create a certain stage. My choice to create worksheets is Powerpoint. Images and text are easily imported, pasted and scaled in Powerpoint. Powerpoint is on most computers as part of the Microsoft. You can use Word’s if you really want, but you will find that the graphics are more difficult to handle. I personally keep a large Powerpoint file with multiple pages and add pages to it as needed. You can easily go from one page to another by clicking buttons Page-up and Page-down. Current worksheets that are modified and printed daily are beginning fisieului and those who are already working by it. After working with the current worksheet is easily moved to the end of the file and use ocaional. A related tip sheets is to add salt and pepper them with small images of cartoon characters of your child, stickers or other things of interest. You will see that will be eager to do their homework.
Organizing photos is important to organize your photos or you will lose valuable time searching for them when you need them. My suggestion related to the size of flashcards used to learn is to keep a standard 4 on page letter size (or A4) – are much higher if you have difficulty in storing photos. A good idea is to buy a set of files (preferably long) to store pictures in various categories, such as animals, actions, food, vehicles, plants etc.. We recommend that these files be about 16 inches long (42cm) and can store around 200 laminated flashcards. Take a picture with dumneavoasta rolled when looking for files to know the size. A good place to find files is a furniture store and second-hand equipment for the office. You can crop photos with name ends in order to go above and label the sub-categories, such as animals – cat, dog, chicken, etc..
After turning the material a noun, verb or concept has been taught by your child, you should turn the material, ie do not use the same photo again and again, because this can be frustrating for any child (another good reason for have a large collection of images). A good idea to make sure your images are rotated is to „select the front and put back to back” ie if you have 8 pictures of a cat, you can choose the front set, and when you’re done with it to put in place behind the kit. In this way pictures will be used evenly.
Using sound Many children with autism have difficulty processing sound or distinguishing noise from normal conversation. Therefore, it can often seem deaf actually have normal hearing. Ordinary children are able to „filter out” background noise and distinguish it from useful auditory information. Children with Autism very often try to prevent this bombardment of sound and retreat into their own world. In extreme cases, they swing back and forth in an attempt to resist sensory over-load. It is important to teach these children to identify sounds. This can greatly help you to identify noise autidive useful information, such as instructions teacher, parent voice, traffic, etc. growling dog. Some of the sounds you can teach your child to identify are: Airplane, Alarm clock, Ambulance, cry baby, balloons, break, Albina, bell, bird song, rap nose, jumping ball, broken glass, car brakes , Striking car, car engine starts, Cassette, Cat, Hen, Chicken, Chimp, clapped, ticking clock, the sound of coins, computer, cracked acorns, Coughing, Cow, Cricket, Crow, Mototolitul paper, Voice father, dog, dog, the door closes, the door is slammed, ringer from usp, Drill, Drum, Duck, Rubber rate, eating an apple, electric toothbrushes, electronic timer, sound elephant, engine, flushing the toilet, flute , blender for food, footsteps, Frog, Goat, Gorilla, Guitar, Shooting, hair dryer, drum beat nails, helicopter, horse neighing, horse gallop, ice cream truck, cattle, computer keyboard, Keil, Kissing, Kitten, knock on the door, Lightning, Lion, microwave oven, Monkey, buzzing mosquitoes, motorcycle, mouse, harvest, mother’s voice, voices of other children, voices of friends, Desfacutul Conservative Desfacutul a bottle cap, owl, parrot, Sound of the transition pedestrians, piano, pig, table tennis, police car, police whistle, popcorn, pouring, Pacanitul, Song cock, saxophone, scissors, screaming, seagulls, sheep, shopping bag, cries, shower, snake, Sneezing, splash, mixing ceassca tea, Running, Rârtia when it’s broken, phone, tiger, whirligig, tractor, traffic, train, truck, trumpet, characters on TV and in cartoons, vacuum, Various songs Various toys, Violin, washing hands, washing vessels, Washing, Water flows into the sink or tub, whistle, squeak marker, xylophone and other musical instruments. You can use a tape recorder and photographs to teach children to associate sounds and images. CD-ROM „Talk to me!” allows you easily record voice and sound on the computer and play these sounds with a click on the images. It is also a way to learn sounds distrativ!
Sensory elements Autism is a sensory condition affecting one or more of the senses of children: AtingereaUn child can be very sensitive to touch and may resist close contact, hugging etc.chiar and from his parents. Sound: It certainly sounds can be supported by a child auist. Taste: Sometimes even food can not be supported by catreun child with autism. Some children eat a few dishes. Some children may demonstrate that they have reliable preferences which usually others do not folosesc.Sight:Environment invatare.Un child with autism should begin work in a quiet environment without anything to distract him. However, the real world is not sterila.O class children can be very galagioasa.Trebuie phased \ ldblquote noise \ rdblquote environment invatare.Singura a way to begin is with doors and windows closed and after a period of time can be gradually opened can of course also introduce soothing music, gradually raising the volume for one child saptamana.Daca you find you can not concentrate, reduce noise and restart again gradually.
Working at the table. For a child with autism to work and focus on weight is not easy, especially at first.At first periods must be very short. It is always tempting to prolong the time when the child is doing but this can have unexpected effects if you take too much exercise. You will see that your child will not want to start another exercise and will protest. Exercise should take increasingly longer, and a child should not be rewarded with do other exercises. If you feel that you downloaded well to exercise let him take a break to do what she wants. Thus will connect well done and reward. You may need to let him take a break just for that then return to work without protest. When you start a new set of exercises with the child must always end in a positive note. If you finish an exercise when the child is angry, it will make him believe that work must be completed in a charged atmosphere. Such an attitude may mean that exercise is too long, too difficult or even frustratingly easy or boring. It can even happen that the child can not end simply an exercise. In this case place it much easier to do something to end on a quiet note like „clap” or „Well you can go, you were a good kid.” This principle applies in all daily activities of the child. If he is nervous when you have to brush their teeth and let him out of the bathroom when another girl, we believe that the only way to get rid of spalatu your teeth is to get angry. Only correct to ignore such an attitude, and it can be very difficult, and even pregnancy to continue until the return to a more sympathetic. If then you let it go will understand that the correct behavior is rewarded.
Organization. Have to share rooms in a work area and a place for toys, books, pictures, etc.. Soon you will have many things that you need to find them quickly when you need them. Bookcases, videos and more drawers for pictures and toys is a good idea. Dca child is too big for toys that has put them in another room. Some toys that seem to have lost the utility might be necessary to later. For a child with autism can play with toys is an advantage. You can even have a „library” of toys to save money and even change the parents of other children’s toys.Reading. Reading is a vital thing without which a child can not progress in school and society. A common mistake is to try to teach your child to read without using images. Child can learn to read memorizing a sequence of words without understanding their meaning. It is therefore important to begin by using pictures, text pictures underneath the child to associate pictures with text.


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