"Pizza outlawry"


Pizza haiducească     Preparation time: 30 minutes
     Complexity: Easy
     Budget: Cheap

I call it so because I had muscle outlaw, a mezel homemade uscăţel, covered with a layer of spice and pepper goodness. Preparations prefer to buy traditional products like this, not the store, but from those who prepared and smoked their own household. I put some olive oil and garlic stuffed green you got today for the first time and I really liked. It was very good and I successfully remove the deadlock when or hurry, or you have guests.

     hot water
     fresh yeast
     tomato sauce
     outlaw muscle (or other mezel your choice)
     stuffed olives
     sliced ​​olives
     dried basil


Make a batter of warm water, yeast, flour and oil. Should come out sticky and quite soft, but good spread.

Place the pizza pan, grease with a little oil and tomato sauce, then sprinkle with dried basil.

Cut the fillet into cubes, then sprinkle over pizza. Add the olives, then cheese and shaved and cut into strips.

It gives the tray in the oven for 10 minutes.

Serve with ketchup.

Bucatarul viorel

you want Enjoy!


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