how to make money with RAP Bank: Step By Step

RAP Bank is the Instant Commission Marketplace with Extremely Exclusive Features

RAP Bank allows you to promote 100’s of products, submit your RapidActionProfits products, and obtain exlusive Reports, Features and Affliate opportunities – all under one-login and one-roof… RAP Bank!, from ONE login id.

Plus, get your FREE Plugin!

RAP Bank: Step By Step

Welcome, let’s get started, shall we?

There are a few basic sections to understanding how to setup and really make the most out of your RAP Bank account. These and the accompanying videos will help you launch into using RAP Bank with efficiency, quickness and {ultimately} profitability for you and the products you list or promote using RAP Bank.

Get Paid! Where do we send your Instant Commissions?

In order to be paid for referring sales to any of the products listed on RAP Bank, you first need to verify your primary PayPal address. You’ll be sent a validation email, and only after clicking the link therein will that email be associated with your account.

Find products you’d like to promote!

Find products to promote using our numerous resources for scouring to find the best products possible for your particular niche audience (or for yourself!).
We have numerous ways to find them… choose to use our Search Bar (at top), use any of the Reports available to you, from Featured Products listed, Last Commented lists, Most Recently Added Lists and even choose products from a particular Vendor by clicking on Vendor Spotlight (once you’ve found a Vendor’s product you like or know).
Promoting a product is as easy as choosing the product’s „get personalized links” – to grab your normal or advanced „go” links, as your promotion links.

Download your FREE RAP Bank WordPress™ Plugin here

You want to install this right away, as it’s an easy way for you to grab traffic that you’re already receiving and profit from it! Take a look at the examples that are on the plugin page after you record/download your API Key/Plugin respectively.. and get it up on your WordPress™ installation immediately!

Track and/or Submit your RAP products with our Addon

There are TWO ways:
Purchase/Own RAP
If you already own the Rapid Action Profits script, simply download the FREE RAP Bank Addon(*), install on your domain and enter an unregistered license key from those available to you. Once your products have been automatically imported, you then have a chance to modify the descriptions, assign categories and tags, etc. before submitting for approval.
(*) Note: Requires at least RAP 3.1+

Use List-N-Earn
As of May 2010, we created a way to remove all barriers to getting products listed on RAP Bank and it’s extremely easy, low-cost and [most importantly] extremely profitable without having to purchase RAP (saving you hundreds) – it’s our new service called List-N-Earn(*).

We do inspect every product submitted for quality and abiding by our Terms of Service. Please try to respect this as we have a Zero-Tolerance for people abusing our system.

If you’re a VendorPlus member, be sure to upload your best/favorite small and large image for your product to be viewed on all of your listings on RAP Bank!

Upgrade to VendorPlus and Receive Much More!

To get even more exhaustive and extremely exclusive features, with incredibly insightful reporting beyond what RAP Bank regular affiliate members receive – Sign-up for a VendorPlus Upgrade (paid) account to get all the features.

Add even more products from different domains!!

Have numerous domains from which to add products to RAP Bank – or simply just wanting to exploit RAP Bank’s powerful multiple RAP product management system – allowing you to get a birds eye view of all your products, from every domain, including your equity partnership products, then simply add domains to be monitored by RAP Bank.
This will reduce your time spent logging into mulitple domains to check on performance numbers not only for you but all of your affiliates, and help you consolidate your operations – all on one site…. RAP Bank!

Upgrade to VendorPlus and Receive More in Benefits and Commissions!

Promote RAP Bank to bring in the big bucks with our generous commissions. Anyone you refer and becomes an affiliate of RAP Bank will maintain you (the affiliate/VendorPlus Member) as a sponsor – thus allowing you to earn when they indeed choose to upgrade to VendorPlus or add more domains… and we do this for life!

This means is when they upgrade, or buy domains to host new products to be placed onto RAP Bank – you (as the person who referred them) get credit for the sale!
This means that as RAP Bank builds its LIST of ancillary products (we’ve already begun) and anyone you referred takes RAP Bank up on those offers for products, specific upgrades or just plain all-and-out purchases…

… well …

You Get Paid 50% on those – DIRECTLY into your PayPal account you’ve registered with us at RAP Bank! 🙂

Affiliate Center and Tracking on ‘Roids!

Increase your productivity tremendously, and track any and all of your own RAP Bank listed products, or other products promoted „over-the-top” and dead-simple Affiliate Center – allowing you to manage your business and affiliates more easily.
No more logging into individual products’ reseller areas to view your clicks, sales, refunds, statistics „at-a-glance”. If you own or promote more than one product – this feature alone is worth trying our service for free!

Exclusive Reports Point Your Way to Profits

We provide you with exclusive reports that give you the „what’s hot” amidst the products listed on RAP Bank! Hottest Ratings, Trends, Clicks, Comments and overall Performance reports direct you to how and who you should promote!
In addition, upgraded VendorPlus Members receive incredible and powerful insight into the ‘trending’ of each report, so you can get the ‘inside scoop’ on products’ performances over 1 day, 2 days,… 1 week, 2 months… even over its lifetime! Invaluable information!

Massive Traffic and Exposure for Product Owners

We are a destination for people searching for a product to market… whether single product, group/category/niche of products, simply market a specific vendor‘s products, or promote an entire marketplace! Now they’ll use RAP Bank for each and every one of those scenarios… click here for more!
In addition, approved RAP Bank Products get ridiculous attention through our Featured Product Listings, Various Product Listings/Reports, even a Vendor’s Total Products Listing page and many more ways!

RAP Bank is the Instant Commission Marketplace with Extremely Exclusive Features

RAP Bank allows you to promote 100’s of products, submit your RapidActionProfits products, and obtain exlusive Reports, Features and Affliate opportunities – all under one-login and one-roof… RAP Bank!, from ONE login id.

Plus, get your FREE Plugin!

Global Member & Affiliate Center (Reseller Products)

Have a look around the marketplace and find some products to promote! 🙂


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