cornulete with lard and shit

cornulete with lard and shit




1 cup lard

1 cup yogurt

100 g sugar

1 envelope yeast


vanilla (or rum)

flour (add flour until you get a dough consistency similar to modeling clay and sticky)



Place all ingredients in a ligenas, or a large bowl and knead the dough well

(add salt to taste) when you abstained big ball of dough and not sticky, dough formed into a ball

they cover with foil to give food and a cold day (I know this secret from my grandmother after baking will have a consistent look and scrub will look almost like pastry purchased from store)

Take half the dough, put it back rest cold, lay a sheet straight edges then cut into small portions throughout the sheet of dough,



light the oven to warm,

in the middle of each square place a piece of shit and united two opposite ends of the square of dough, pressing slightly (if not a little pressure will loosen dough baked in the oven)

put baking paper in place cornuletele Tavas nice tray

stuffing them in the oven to bake at medium heat until nicely browned.
throw them over a pinch of granulated sugar, place them on the shelf and we can enjoy,


I wish you good appetite

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