Apple cake and biscuits

Apple cake and biscuits

A fine dessert even post that is made cold ..


200 g plain biscuits
1 kg apples
200 gr sugar
1 vanilla pudding
300 ml water

Peel the apples and put rad.Se heat in a saucepan with sugar (you can put sugar to taste) and water and add cinnamon to taste.

When apples begin to leave lemon pudding powder and add boiling until thick.

Sit in a tray (20 * 30) in which we put food foil or baking paper a row of crackers.

Pour mixture over hot, sit down again a row of crackers, then remaining composition and biscuits over again.

Dam cold for at least two to three hours then overthrow composition upside down on a plate

Then cut portions with a sharp knife.


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